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ADR Overview


HDC Consultancy formulates an alternative approach to every dispute that seems to have no option but to end in conflict or litigation.  The general description for this process is ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution which may take many forms as listed below.

Managing Conflict


Conflict is defined as a difference, difficulty, or dispute; or something that causes disharmony or tensions.

With our vast experience of dealing with contentious litigation and as qualified training Mediators, we engage techniques which is designed to reach out to assist you, your organizations and government bodies in recognising, understanding, and interpreting the common interest which would motivate a resolution acceptable to all sides of a dispute or differences of position.


We offer analysis and solutions-based consultancy to impact efficiency, building conflict capability solutions where it is needed at every level.


Our trained mediators…

  • Manage Differences
  • Work through difficult conversations
  • Defuse various conflict styles
  • And will manage emotions of parties in intense situations


Working with you we find the middle ground to satisfy all the interest. No differences of positions need to be litigated when there are options including:


  • Negotiate
  • Conciliate
  • Adjudicate
  • Mediate
  • Arbitrate
  • Conflict/Alienation/Litigation are situations only of last resort
  • CCTV Recording
  • Freedom of Information
  • Data Protection

Jaw Jaw is better than War War


Differences of positions are inherent to human relations.   It is natural for differences to cause degrees of friction, and this might range from disputes between friends, family members, the public and government or even disagreements between governments, e.g., who should pay to build that border wall!


For instance in the CARICOM family of countries, the Caribbean Court of Justice is there also to adjudicate disputes which might arise between its members.  Having a dispute resolution regime in place is essential to civilisation and the rule of law, otherwise the biggest or strongest party would always overpower others to have their own way.


HDC Consultancy provides a means for parties to arrange a special managed opportunity to resolve disputes in a sphere of confidentiality without the substantial cost and time of committing to a full public trial.

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