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Our Principled Approach


HDC Consultancy is available to bring added strength, depth and skill to getting you over that impasse or hurdle.  We specialise in both contentious and non-contentious Civil law work, including litigation avoidance, contractual disputes, construction negotiations, insurance law, housing legislation and regulatory licensing.

Sometimes an objective fresh outlook is all that is required to guide parties who may have taken entrenched positions for various reasons.  Sometimes a silent underlying issue is the cause for a party’s attitude in what might seem at the time, an insurmountable dispute.   In history there have been times when a mere measured apology could have avoided a war and consequential losses greater than the costs of the remedy.


Trouble shooting

HDC Consultancy will work with parties to find the resolution.   If the parties jointly agree to try HDC services that is always a positive development for both sides to a dispute, and a good first step to a concerted attempt to avoid any dispute escalating and becoming more costly and expensive to conclude.

HDC Consultancy is geared to facilitating a meeting point managed by a specialist in the art of finding the best alternative to the worst case scenario in court, for if there is a winner there must be a loser.

In contrast the HDC service allows the parties to attempt to tailor a settlement couched in broad and conciliatory terms.  The issue analysis is precise and the resolution bespoke in a way which a binary decision of a win or lose at court simply might never be able to achieve.

The process of agreeing a settlement is more satisfying and maintains ongoing relations where parties to a dispute continue to remain connected in some way. i.e, family, contractual obligations or neighbours.


HDC Focus

We are client focused, cost effective, reliable and aim to meet deadlines in advance of estimated time scales.

It is a coming of age and sophistication in our relations that parties in the Caribbean can resolve a dispute by coming to a mutual settlement rather than a decision being imposed by a final court Judgment.

HDC Consultancy provides an alternative choice for parties in CARICOM countries to engage specialist negotiators or between parties to resolve disputes.


HDC Consultancy is comprised of qualified lawyers and mediators in the United Kingdom and the Caribbean, with practicing qualifications in London, the OECS and CARICOM countries, in particular St. Kitts and Jamaica.  Arrangements can be made for HDC consultants to attend and entertain meetings in any country.



Pro Bono / Charitable initiatives

As part of HDC Consultancy’s commitment to the development of voluntary, community and socially uplifting efforts, we consider for free a limited number of projects per national jurisdiction.


To qualify you must

  • Be a non-government organisation
  • Be a cause or organisation of 50 members or more


If you are the Chair or Director of a community based organisation with funding challenges but require the professional support services offered by HDC, contact us to inquire if your organisation qualifies and whether there are available places on our pro bono scheme.