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Competency in drafting is a necessary skill for reliable and efficient communication in documents.

Drafting proficiently starts from basic letter writing, to also include Treaties, Trade agreements, legal Statutes, Commercial Agreements, Memorandums and Articles, Reports, Wills, Contracts and Licenses, etc, all of which can be modified for  legislative purposes.

Acquiring drafting / writing skills   requires attention to detail and awareness of persuasive authorities and trends.   A well drafted work should be able to stand alone where necessary and stand the test of time in resulting practice.  It should serve the purpose of its commission whether to analyse, notify, coach, influence, persuade, educate, instruct, advocate, or tell your side of the story.

Every written document scribed by HDC Consultancy is tailored to your individual specific circumstances, based on the document’s intended audience.

Your task will remain at the core of the matter