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Information and Data rules


We live in a technological advance age where information is instant and accessible. The region must keep abreast of modern principles concerning access to information and data protection. Within the region there is emerging concern by individuals with regard to the amount of their personal information held within the public sector.  Within the realms of of good governance, there is also the expectation of transparency and citizens’ right to access information and media freedom to investigate issue in the public interest.

In a democratic society silence surrounding some governmental actions or policies, and decisions to release such information are matters of public concern. Also surfacing is a topical issue are surveillance cameras strategically placed to monitor movement.

Governmental bodies

Are your Privacy Regulations in-place, or are these still to be developed

  • Received a request for information held?
  • What information do I have to provide?
  • How long do I have to provide this information?
  • Can I refuse to make the information available, if so how?

Individual Rights

  • What information is held about you?
  • What am I entitle to see
  • How to make a request to see your flies


With our drafting knowledge of contentious and non-contentious litigation, we reach out to assist your organisation, government bodies and individuals in preparing, understanding, interpreting and applying new privacy regulations that can be developed and implemented including:


  • Freedom of Information
  • Data protection
  • CCTV recordings
  • Drones
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