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Regulatory Licensing

Economic growth

Economic growth is the most important means of raising people’s standard of living / lifestyle including income and reducing poverty in the developing communities.


It also necessitates the need for resulting protections and guidance of operations and systems – it creates jobs and opportunities for deprived people to support their families and build more stable future.


HDC consultancy members can assist in pulling together ideas and information collated from varying sources, to formulate materials for government consideration in  preparation of new practices,  policies  or regulations.  HDC consultancy is available as a flexible tool within the Caribbean to fill voids created within economic growth by  free movement and emigration.

Developing regions or communities may face particular challenges that make it difficult for them to stimulate and sustain economic growth. These challenges can include weak practices, operations of institutions, high unemployment, poor infrastructure, a lack of rights and access to financial assistance or grants, as well as insufficient services or unsuitable laws and regulations.

For example policies or regulations concerning

  • The data protection dealing with the retention or sharing  of information obtained individuals
  • The use of  CCTV cameras in the community or places of work
  • Rights and or freedoms to  withhold or grant request to view information  of government bodies pertaining to individuals or statistics
  • Licensing of vehicles used to carry paying passengers

Effective, well-designed policies play a vital role in protecting consumers, businesses, employees and the environment.

But old policies may have become stale / out of date with the passage of time; onerous; unnecessary or over-complicated. These can have the effect of delays, waste time and money, and damage economic growth.

Unnecessary policies also harm society. For example, people don’t want to volunteer in their community if they have to comply with overly complicated regulations.

In many cases alternatives to formal regulation are just as effective, such as simplifying existing policies, procedures, giving clearer information to consumers or developing voluntary codes of practice.

We are committed to helping you improve the working of your region, communities and infrastructures via the eradication or replacement of ineffective practices, policies that places unnecessary burdens on business and the public resulting in poor development of economic growth


By understanding the challenges faced and aired by community groups, organisations, businesses and governments, HDC Consultancy will work with you to gather sufficient analytical information and data sufficient to make your case for suitable economic policies, good governance and appropriate regulations.



As a developing region, with an increasing population and free movement between the islands, it may become necessary to regulate information, behavior, customs or practices which were previously unnecessary before a regional desire for regularisation became an evident need.

No new intervention

At HDC Consultancy we appreciate that often times an answer might simply be that it is not necessary for us to do anything at all. Practices, policies or regulation and alternatives will usually bring costs but if introduced at all should always generate benefits.  Therefore policymakers should think carefully about whether they need to do anything, and then consider how HDC might help to find a solution. Instead of creating new regulations, we could:

  • Use existing regulation
  • Simplify or clarify existing regulation
  • Improve enforcement of existing regulation
  • Make legal remedies more accessible or cheaper
  • Do nothing at all



As our region and communities naturally develop, increase and evolve with  free movement throughout the Caribbean, so does the need to create new systems, regulation, policies, by-laws or legislation. Subsequent to this arises  a need  to regulate, protect or grant additional rights, restrictions, guidance and liberties for the mutual benefit of citizens and governments in to positively nurture harmonious coexistence and operations of daily life and trade.

We will do this by supporting:

  • principles, codes and standards,
  • mechanisms that drive up business
  • Support communities
  • Identification and reduction of unnecessary bureaucracy that has built up over the years which can often hinder more than benefit developmental growth
  • We will also consider the role of and or conflicts with new policies, regulations as against existing national laws and international conventions
  • Reviews on the effectiveness of certain existing regulations


If you require any further information, please do  not hesitate to make contact and one of our consultants will gladly assist you according to your particular requirements



We can work with  community groups, governments, investors and business in developing regions, to strengthen their business environment, increase their access to information or markets, improve their infrastructure and give more people access to services.


By understanding the challenges faced and aired by community groups, organisations, businesses and governments, HDC Consultancy will work with you to gather sufficient analytical information and data sufficient to to make your case for suitable economic policies, good governance and where necessary, suitable regulations.


Enabling regions to develop and implement safer infrastructures.

We work with and help developing communities to improve their infrastructure to improve safe transporting services.


Enabling businesses directly to include underprivileged people.

We work with developing communities to create new approaches to business that generates profits for both the business and communities with a strong developmental impact on employment via the delivery of recognised training and increased skills to deliver overall benefits.